Yes, I took this with my iPhone.

Yes, I took this with my iPhone.



Welcome to the website.  I'm Grace O'Connor, owner & photographer at Grace Photography + Design based in Montgomery, Alabama.  This is where I should be telling you about my 12 years of experience working as a professional photographer, but I'll let my work speak for itself and instead share a little bit about myself.  After all, the images don't create themselves.  Photographs can be as much about the person behind the lens as the subject in front of it.

So, who am I?  That answer seems to change on a daily basis.  Between professional photographer, family co-leader of four highly entertaining kids and wanna-be travel adventurer, things around here are often unpredictable.

Despite that, there are things I can declare with some certainty.  I don't like waking up in the morning (seriously, who are these 'morning people' and do they realize how comfy the bed is?).  I love the smell of campfires and tanning oil (yeah, the old school stuff).  I once cooked a perfect steak.  I can do four chin-ups.  And, without a doubt, I am one lucky gal to have a husband & family that goes along with my crazy enneagram type seven antics.  

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